Loophole Team


Eric Ahlström

Our main game designer. He have played most games, or at least heard of them, so no matter how obscure your favorite game is, he can probably talk to you about it! 

Write to him on eric@loophole-interactive.com


Lucas Holmqvist

A "do it all" kind of guy. Lucas is hoping to get back to programming but is currently in charge of all the things around creating a game, such as economics and marketing. 

Write to him on lucas@loophole-interactive.com


Simon Hyltegård

Our main 3D artist, who is doing all artist work. It's always an adventure with Simon and you never know what you might find when you start the game when he is on a roll.

Write to him on simon@loophole-interactive.com


Christian Markowicz

Christian is our main programmer, hobby artist & game designer, and lead tea drinker. He works with everything from networking code to shader effects, and throwing in some funky particle effects from time to time.

Write to him on christian@loophole-interactive.com

Joakim Westgren

Our concept artist and art designer. He has a real eye for how to make things look good and can make a diamond from a pile of turds.

Write to him on joakim@loophole-interactive.com


Konrad Öhman

Our fearless leader. Konrad tries to keep everyone focused and organised. Apart from this, he is also in charge of marketing, with the help of Lucas.

Write to him on konrad@loophole-interactive.com